Reception Desk – Is your office just writing down your wishes during the holidays? Or do you use it every day, or even work from home? Depending on your purpose, your desk options will vary: the more you use it, the more you need to prioritize comfort over aesthetics. Lamps, computers, filing cabinets, pencils… don’t forget all your office accessories too! No more simple reception desks, filing cabinets and pen holders: it’s time to breathe new life into your office area. In a bedroom, living room or dedicated room,

We guide you through the selection of the best Reception DeskĀ  and accessories tailored to you.

Telecommuting: Like a Home Office

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Telecommuting has met a growing following. To be efficient and enjoyable, the location of the office is important. Choose a quiet, bright, and feel-good place. Nearer to Wi-Fi is even better! Choose natural and corrosion-resistant materials like wood. You will use it for hours and prefer a durable, ergonomic office that will last a while and will make your work easier. If you want to add a little height, choose an adjustable desk. Customize your Reception Desk to make work more enjoyable, some plants, a nice pencil jar and a nice lamp will do the trick. One last point not to be overlooked: for seating, choose a comfortable and adjustable office chair.

  1. Choose your office furniture based on your space

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Before you start renovating your office, first determine its location. To work from home, we recommend a place that is conducive to concentration. This space can then be in your living room, bedroom or even a dedicated room. The layout of your office space must be adapted to the space available within you for a functional office. In fact, it’s important to value your workspace and organize your reception desk as much as possible. If your office is only used occasionally, such as sorting mail or doing manual work, consider a corner Reception Desk , which is practical for arranging small rooms.

To optimize small spaces, don’t forget to use wall surfaces with shelves, or place boxes and stack beautiful boxes to store and order your office area. Conversely, if you have a large space, you are free to affix the Reception Desk of your dreams: corner desk, straight desk, folding desk… The choice will be based on your taste and desires. However, if you have a computer, don’t ignore the size of your desk tray to make room for your files.

Straight table or corner table?

Suitable office

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Smaller and smaller, you can place it anywhere you want: against a wall or in the center of a room. In the form of a table with stand legs, as a writing Reception Desk or a folding cabinet, with a straight table, all shapes are possible! If you prefer a completely “enclosed” space, the Tim Reception Desk is a true 2-in-1 furniture: open, providing a complete workspace; closed, it becomes your decor.

Corner table

Modular and ergonomic, this is the main advantage of the corner Reception Desk ! With its right or left return, it provides a larger and more functional workspace. For furnishing a small space and making the most of every square metre, like a corner, nothing beats a corner desk. But if you place it in the center of the room, it will also become a real decorative object, with an original and modern feel!

  1. Design your office according to your needs

A simple table in your room will suffice. Add some files and folders for storage, and a pencil case for signing. There is also a trend to install a desk in the living room, where it is often preferred to put the home computer. If you’re there for more than half a day, don’t overlook your choice of office chair for optimal comfort. Finally, you can also set up an office area at the entrance, keep track of your tasks for the week by placing a storage box there, and put your mail there when you get home. But no matter what you need, storage is essential for your files, documents and other supplies, and you can’t forget to store and put away.

  1. Add storage to your office

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A clean Reception Desk is the key to high-quality work. Between Reception Desk drawers, piles of boxes, and cluttered shelves, it’s time to restore order. Yes, organization is the key word in this place, filled with documents, invoices and other correspondence accumulated throughout the year. When it comes to proper storage, nothing says a lot more than a table and its little furniture. Boxes on casters, filing cabinets with curtains,display showcases or even bookcases, you can choose and decorate each of your documents and supplies. Don’t hesitate to practice color coding for your files and place shelves to brighten with small plants or other decorative accessories. On the wall, we think of Moodboard to hang its mind guides and other inspirations.

  1. Fall in love with the office that suits your style

No more sober and classic Reception Desk , we are now in love with a decorative desk! We boost our creativity through a space that makes us feel good. Whether coloured or log, mini or XL, your Reception Desk has to fit you! If we generally prefer a neutral space for a studious vibe, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing a more playful touch with a little color.

In terms of materials, the choice depends more on the style you want to give the room:

  • Light-coloured wood creates a natural, even Scandinavian vibe;
  • Solid wood or stained white, suitable for traditional style office, home atmosphere;
  • Create a more modern or even more industrial vibe in glass or metal.

In terms of color, the office plays the card of sobriety and light tones. Colors are popular in wall and decorative accessories: rugs, decorations, picture frames and greenery. Pros: We use table lamps full of character to illuminate all our ideas!


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