Anyone can gush over a towering vanity mirror or the romance of a claw-foot tub, but rarely do shower curtains get the spotlight. Over time, those plasticky dull mundane sheets have attained a bad rep, so much so, that they’re considered more of a utilitarian eyesore. Thankfully this has changed, and shower curtains have evolved into so much more that if you play your cards right, they can possibly be an aesthetic delight. Think about it, shower curtains cover substantial area from the ceiling to the floor and are quite possibly the centerpiece in small bathrooms. All you need to do is swap it out to give your bathroom an instant upgrade. Trade in your monotonous standard shower curtain for something fun and colorful, play with textures, layers, and explore an endless world of possibilities, that can elevate your bathroom’s entire look and appeal. Ready to get started? We’ve compiled a list of ten brilliant shower curtain ideas for you to take a cue from:

#1: Stay true to your theme

Stay true to your theme -

Echo the colors of your bathroom theme when you purchase a shower curtain. If you have brilliant blue tiles laid out in your bathroom, don’t overdo it by getting a shocking electric blue curtain to match the tiles. Instead, when choosing shower accessories, stay true to your theme without going overboard. For example, in this case a subtle blue border in a plain curtain can add pizazz and provide a more wholesome look.

#2 Open up your space with white

Open up your space with white -

You can never go wrong with the classic white curtain. This is especially true if your space is monochromatic. A white shower curtain not only adds a dimension of elegance, but it also brightens the space, giving you an airy roomy feel that you definitely cannot go wrong with.

#3 Add a splash of color

Add a splash of color -

An all-white bathroom; pristine, pure, and a picture of elegance. But it can also be quite boring. Breathe life into it by adding a splash of color with your shower curtains. You can go as bold or as subtle as you like and find that it makes a bold style statement in your bathroom.

#4 Set the mood with prints

Set the mood with prints -

Bring the tropics indoors by investing in a shower curtain with larger-than-life green leaves, or add a touch of spring by opting for floral prints. You can have a lot of fun setting the tone and mood in your bathroom, by simply swapping your printed shower curtains.

#5 Play around with textures

Play around with textures -

It’s not always colors that steal the show! There’s a lot you can do with textures. Add whole new dimensions to your otherwise boring shower curtain by opting for shower accessories with frills, crinkled curtains or stripey designs. Introducing textures is a great way to add some interest and depth to your space.

#6 Balance out your color scheme

Balance out your color scheme -

If you have a fairly neutral color scheme with a touch of accent colors such as teal, yellow or black, avoid going overboard by going for a shower curtain that’s a match to your accent color. This can be quite overwhelming and rob your space of its elegance. Instead incorporate a touch of your accent color coupled with neutral tones. For example, a beige curtain with a thin black border will provide a wholesome look than a solid black one.

#7 Get a little whimsical with pastels

Get a little whimsical with pastels -

Let’s face it; we all love a little pastel in our life! Add a soft, feminine touch to the bathroom with pretty pastel shades. This works exceptionally well if contrasted with muted tiles or monochromatic bathroom scheme. With a few pastel-hued bathmats and towels, you’ll have yourself a dreamy pastel bathroom.

#8 Curvy or oval shower curtain rails

shower curtain -

If you have a freestanding bath, then you’re in for a treat! Don’t curtain up the entire wall, instead an oval shower curtain rod would be a better choice, both aesthetically and functionally. This ensures no splashes at every angle, plus it adds oodles of visual appeal to your bathroom. 

#9 Contrast your styles

Play with contrasting styles between modern and traditional bathroom features to sass up your space. A vintage style bathtub can be beautifully complemented by a geometric patterned shower curtain. Or you can add a touch of softness to an industrial-style bathroom with subtle floral or leafy patterns. Contrasting styles, when done right, can look fantastic. 

#10 Tie the look together with tie backs

Tie the look together with tie backs -

If you think tie backs are only useful for your living room curtains, you couldn’t be more wrong! Tiebacks for your shower curtains can be extremely functional, while at the same time add a pretty touch. If your shower curtains tend to dominate the scene, tying it back with decorative tiebacks can be a good option. Also, make sure you use wall-mounted anchors or shower curtain hooks to tie the whole look together nicely!

There you have it – with these creative ideas, you can give your bathroom a makeover by simply replacing your shower curtain and getting a few shower accessories. Get started today and let us know how you were able to transform your space.

Priya Jatoliya

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