San Diego home designers – People are moving to smaller homes increasingly these days. And this trend of downsizing houses seems to go nowhere. But, as the place we live in is getting smaller and the spaces are getting squeezed, the first thing that comes to mind is how to get enough storage. To which San Diego home designers say – even if you have a small house, it does not have to be crowded or messy!

With these clever storage ideas for your house, you can maximize the space for storage across your home and personalize it as you want, even when you have a small place.

San Diego home designers -

San Diego home designers – Here are the clever storage hacks you can implement in your house to make it storage efficient. 


  • In-wall Storage –


The first step is to take advantage of the vertical in-wall storage. Even in tight places, like halls, bathrooms, or more, where adding furniture is not an option, you can get the in-wall vertical storage shelves. When designed by a professional and creative San Diego home designer, these storage hacks become an integral part of your interiors. 

The inbuilt storage will not take any extra place in the house. Instead, it will give you space to put everything in place; make the bathroom, hall, or bedroom storage a visual treat; and provide you with ample storage space. 

In-wall Storage -


  • Let’s Get Creative with Bed Space – 


There are two ways you can use the bed space! The beds take up most of the room’s space, obviously. But, as it is inevitable, we can use that space for storage. How, you ask? By having the bed boxes!

You can use a box to stash the regular pillows, blankets, and sheets and use the rest of the boxes to stack other stuff. It will free a lot of your space in the house. 

The second way is, if you are not afraid of the loft bed, you can get them and utilize the space beneath it in any way you want. 

Implementing both ways will result in only one thing – extra storage space in the same compact area. 

San Diego home designers -


  • Mirrors With Built-in Storage – 


Do you struggle to find your everyday dressing table essential in the morning, have jewelry tangled, and do not have a single space to compile all your essentials in one place? Get the dressing table’s mirror built with the in-built storage. It will not take any more space. Instead, it will get all the things you need in a single place all while not even being visible to anyone sitting around – as the mirror covers the storage!


  • Let’s Make the Staircase Resourceful 


Let’s use the staircase in two ways to increase the storage! Utilize the risers of the stairs to make the hidden drawers. You can easily pull out these compartments to store newspapers, shoes, magazines, and more. If designed well by professional San Diego home designers, these designs can add immensely to the charm of the house!

The other way to use the under-staircase storage is by installing cabinets of different sizes or adding drawers to increase the hidden storage of your home. You can design the under-staircase storage as per your home requirements and make it resourceful. 

San Diego home designer -


  • Install Floating Shelves in the corners – 


When you have limited storage, you can add floating shelves to the corners that are otherwise considered dead spaces. Investing in these floating shelves can spruce up the look and feel of the place and add to the storage. 

You can use this simple storage hack to store books or display decorative items in the living room or bedroom. Besides, adding them to the kitchen will allow you to declutter your counters or keep your spices and cutlery!


  • Opt For Drawers Instead of Cabinets – 


Cabinets are an excellent solution for bulky stuff. But drawers are always better at maximizing the usable space and keeping the stuff organized. The dishes, cookware, and other goods can easily get jumbled in the large cabinets. However, because the drawers can be pulled out instantly, they make keeping things organized easy and gaining access to everything inside them, even in the corner, simple. Unlike cabinets, when you have drawers, you will not have to struggle with the deep cabinets to find things in the clutter or kept at the back. 


  • Slide Tray in the Corners of The Pantry –


If you have tall countertop cabinets that leave you with limited space, they will fill up your kitchen counter very soon. Let’s replace the tall corner cabinets with the slide tray, converting the long cabinet into space with three to four shelves. By adding the slide tray, you can place your coffee maker, toaster, oven, or other appliances on it.

Moreover, you can easily slide in the tray after using the toaster and coffee maker after breakfast. Not only will it free your countertop, but it will keep it clean too.


  • Kitchen storage –


San Diego home designer --

Open-style traditional kitchen cabinets take care of your entire storage and make finding items a breeze.

To the kitchen storage, you can add – 

  • A wall pot rack
  • Cutlery trays
  • Utensil stands
  • Racks for vegetables
  • Open cubbies for appliances

And add other kitchen storage essentials to declutter the counters and make your kitchen more compact. 

Besides, it is not true that traditional-style kitchens cannot fit the modular designs. Just see how seamlessly open cabinets, hanging pot stands, and countertop storage smartly fit the modern kitchen and enhance the look. Besides, skilled San Diego home designers have strategically designed and applied the lighting to the kitchen which gives it a warm and modern look. 

Final Words

Whether your home is big or small, the urge to have more storage and the requirements to declutter the spaces never stop. Thus, House to Home comes with numerous home storage options which enable you to add to the storage across your home

Besides, if you want a home improvement project that enables you to boost the storage space, we have experts to help you through the process. We say – why buy when it can be built at home and the way you want. So, for your DIY home storage project, if you need the help of the professional San Diego home designers, take advantage of our Heart Your Home service today!

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