SSL Certificate – Human beings often praise learning through the mistakes of others but fail to realize that different circumstances can lead to varied results. Optimizing website security is the ultimate goal of every site owner; however, they end up committing mistakes by believing baseless myths.

SSL certificates are necessary for every site on the web and establish a secure and reliable connection for users. However, far too many myths surrounding the concept make people think they will harm their site. You must debunk such myths to offer secure service to users.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore common SSL certificate myths you need to watch out for and ensure you do not earn loss due to it.

Top 7 SSL Certificate Myths You Should Not Pay Heed To

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When criminals think something is not working in their favor, they start telling lies. They spread false information, making people think otherwise and creating a way out for criminals. SSL certificate myths do the same for hackers, as people quit their use and help hackers do what they want.

Here are the major myths about SSL certificates you should not pay any heed to and seek the best advice from professionals.

  • Only eCommerce sites need.

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The most problematic myth people believe about SSL certificates is that they are only essential for eCommerce sites. Such sites get confidential information of users like their name, address, email, contact number, and account details. Protecting this information is necessary, and SSL certificates serve the purpose. However, it does not mean others sites do not need it. Website owners contact and consult reliable web hosting Dubai-based service providers and get SSL certificates to boost site security.

  • Login page is enough.

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An SSL certificate only for the login page is enough is another baseless myth that can hurt your reputation. Login pages require credentials, due to which protecting such pages with SSL certificates is necessary. However, each and every page of the site is important and should have SSL certificates. If your site does not use or invest in them, your user traffic will not be too sure about the security and may move to the site of your competitors. So, follow the proper protocol.

  • Websites not handling payments do not need.

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Another baseless myth you should never believe about SSL certificates is that websites not handling payments do not need them. Such certificates are not only for the sake of protecting users’ account information. However, they encrypt the data and establish a secure connection between the site and users. So, it is not specific for websites handling payments, but each and every site on the web. Do not fall prey to the myths and take appropriate measures to protect your site.

  • Slows down website speed.

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Another baseless myth believed by many is that SSL certificates slow down the speed of the website. The reasoning is that HTTPS sites encrypt the data, which makes the site take a little bit longer to load as compared to the HTTP site. However, it holds no logic, and there is no substantial evidence for that. You can rest assured that SSL certificates will not slow down the site but only optimize security and boost its reputation.

  • Do not affect SEO.

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If you believe that SSL certificates do not affect SEO, you are supporting a baseless myth. Google is using HTTPS as a ranking factor to encourage websites to offer encrypted and secure experiences to site users. Although SSL certificates will not spike your SEO rankings, it is still an important factor that will be counted. So, if you want to win the trust of user traffic and Google, as well as ensure even a tiny bit of improvement in rankings, you need SSL certificates.

  • Enough for all security requirements.

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If you think that SSL certificates are enough for all security requirements, you are supporting and believing a myth that is far from reality. SSL certificates secure the connection between site and user by encrypting the data. However, they cannot stop security threats and attacks. If there are loopholes in your server security, SSL certificates will not be able to do anything. Therefore, you need proper security measures to protect your site.

  • SSL certificates -

The last commonly believed myth about SSL certificates is that they are costly. The SSL certificates are not too expensive and are easily affordable. Still, if it seems too pricey to you, you can explore multiple options. Comparing the damage done to the site without SSL certificates, it is safe to say they are not expensive but essential. You can contact reliable web hosting companies in Dubai like HostingMENA to get SSL certificates at reasonable rates and not compromise on-site security.

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