Ionic framework – A progressive web app development framework named Ionic was launched in 2013 and is now used by more than 500 million developers worldwide. 

Have you ever wondered what makes the framework such a big hit in the world of PWA development?

First, start with what is the Ionic framework? It is an open-source software development kit that is the preferred choice for the development of hybrid mobile applications, and progressive web app development. 

If you are also considering using the Ionic framework for your next PWA development project, but are unsure whether it is the right choice or not? Here in this blog, we’re going to share a few reasons why choosing PWA makes sense for progressive web app development? 

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What Makes Ionic Framework Great Choice For Progressive Web App Development?

One of the biggest reasons for using the Ionic framework is that it needs very little space and is capable of providing an unparalleled user experience. 

This is just one reason out of several, now let’s move further to have a clear discussion about a lot of other reasons why you should use Ionic:

1. Free and Open-Source

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As said Ionic is a free and open-source framework, which means the Ionic app development framework sets developers free from hefty subscription fees that come with other frameworks. With open-source, you have access to a huge community of Ionic app developers who will serve you with appropriate solutions so your development process continues without any hindrance. This makes an Ionic ideal choice for novice web app developers as well. 

2. Cross-Platform App Development

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Ionic says one codebase, any platform. With a single codebase, developers can build high-quality mobile apps that can work on both Android and iOS and web applications. Cross-platform app development not only reduces the developer efforts but also the development cost. 

3. Combining Programming Languages

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This is another most prominent benefit of using the Ionic framework for PWA development. It allows the developers to combine different programming languages such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to develop high-end web applications. The combination of these three programming languages will help web application developers to develop websites that are visually appealing. So if you are challenged to develop a web application that is highly visually appealing then Ionic is your go-to choice. 

4. Pre-Design UI Components

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The importance of a well-designed UI is incomparable for any project, whether it is a mobile app development project or a web application development project.

What if you have access to a vast collection of the pre-build UI components that give the perfect look and feel across multiple platforms be it a mobile or desktop screen. Developers can start developing visually appealing UI from scratch using the pre-made components. The collection of the pre-build UI components of the Ionic framework includes typography, a base theme that can be easily customized to adopt any platform you want. 

5. Fully Supported By Angular

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Angular is one of the most popular frameworks that is vastly used for developing feature-rich and visually aesthetic mobile apps. We can safely say that Angular is used as the basis for the development of the Ionic framework. Moreover, AngularJS is equipped with a range of features and is driven by a huge community. This means developers have more options to seek out answers to their development queries in a prompt manner. 

6. Easy to Move Framework

Unlike other frameworks where you have to code for different screens and operating systems separately, Ionic provides great help by allowing developers to develop apps for multiple OS with a similar codebase. Hence it is easy to move the framework. 

7. Developer-Friendly Tooling

Nowadays, when website developers are preferring smart work over hard work, Ionic offers them a vast number of developer-friendly tools to assist them in the development journey. For instance, Ionic CLI allows developers to create, build, test, and deploy web applications across multiple platforms. Apart from this, there are a variety of other tools are also available such as live reload, deployments, integrations, and a variety of other tools. 

8. Access to Cordova Plugins

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Cordova plugins are command-line tools that help developers create native-like apps by calling JavaScript code. Cordova ensures the function of the PWA as a native application. With easy access to Cordova plugins, it becomes a lot easier for PWA developers to develop applications that can effectively make use of the device features like camera, GPS, Bluetooth, and more. 

9. Simple and Declarative UI Components

Ionic primarily makes use of the programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to allow developers to write UI components in a simple and declarative way. With this ease, developers can build modern and high-quality web applications. 

10. Powerful Command Line Interface (CLI)

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By providing a powerful command-line interface (CLI), the Ionic framework enables developers to create, code, test, and deploy applications on the chosen OS. Moreover, it also offers a built-in development server and debugging tools to make the development experience more pleasant.  

Final Take

Progressive web applications are replacing the need for a native mobile application which requires physical installation and performance varies depending on the configuration of the system. PWAs are free from such worries and allow businesses to serve their customers through the browser using the internet as the medium without losing the feel of native applications. 

On your journey to progressive web app development, the very first step you have to take is making a selection of the right progressive web app development company. Do your research and make an informed decision to ensure all your Ionic app development goals are met fruitfully.  While making the selection keep the development companies’ portfolio and client reviews on top criteria. First preference should be given to a company that has relevant experience in PWA development and their client speaks well about the company.

Priya Jatoliya

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