track mails in emails – Today you have decided to change your career by starting once and for all to submit new applications for a job that you have been flirting with for a long time. Unfortunately, however, as often happens, companies and temporary agencies receive many emails and do not always respond (even understandably). At this point, however, you would like to know if at least those who receive these proposals intend to view them or not.

Precisely for this reason you have decided to inform yourself about how to track mails in emails , so that you know how much if, once you send these messages, they are at least read. Of course this doesn’t mean anything and won’t help you much in your final intent, but at least it could save you from wasting time. If your intent is simply this, I would say that you have come to the right place.

Track Mails In Emails - Definitiveinfo

How to track an email

Track Mails In Emails - Definitiveinfo

There are many solutions on the market to achieve your goal. So if you are wondering what is the procedure for how to track mails in emails , you must know that it is simply necessary to use the right program or service. If you want to know more about I leave you my dedicated tutorial. Indeed, by choosing an appropriate solution, then generally it is enough to simply activate the read receipt functionality and that’s it: you will receive a notification when the recipient opens the message you sent for the first time.

track mails in emails – In short, the most important question is to choose which program and service to proceed with: below you will find information that can be useful in this regard

How to track mails in emails

Track Mails In Emails - Definitiveinfo

If you use Gmail , which is Google’s popular email service, you need to know that there are multiple methods to achieve your goal.

The first is to go through the official Gmail functionality , which is only available for institutional or school accounts (however, the functionality must have been activated by the administrator). Put simply, if you have an email address that ends in @ , unfortunately you cannot take advantage of this possibility, but if you have a profile that has been provided to you, for example, by the company you work for or by the university , chances are you may find the option I am about to show you.

In any case, it’s easy to check: in fact, you just need to simply access Gmail from your browser via your computer, then click on the Write button at the top left, selecting the three dots icon that appears on the screen at the bottom right. and pressing on the option Request read confirmation . By doing so, after writing and sending the message , you will receive an email notification when the recipient actually opens the email. If you are looking for more information regarding this possibility, you may want to take a look at the Gmail FAQ .

Track Mails In Emails - Definitiveinfo

If, on the other hand, you are looking for an alternative solution related to Gmail , also valid for traditional e-mail accounts, you should know that a solution widely used, both by ordinary users and in the professional field, is called Mailtrack . In short, it is an extension for the popular Google Chrome browser , which can also be used for free if you do not have many needs (don’t worry: everything will be explained to you when configuring the service).

Keep in mind, however, the fact that this is a service indicated mainly for Gmail, track mails in emails, so you may eventually encounter some problems trying to track mails in emails sent to other types of mailboxes (even if in reality Mailtrack now works very well , also integrating with other email services, but it was right to warn you about it). For the rest, always remember that this is an unofficial service, which, despite being considered of proven reliability, must still be carefully considered in terms of privacy (it could keep track of the messages that are exchanged). In any case, this is a particularly convenient and simple solution to use, as well as one of the best options you have if you don’t have an institutional or school Gmail account.

Track Mails In Emails - Definitiveinfo

track mails in emails – For the rest, you will have noticed that the indication Sender notified by Mailtrack has appeared in the message box . To learn more about the functioning of the service, I leave you to my guide on The latter serves to warn the recipient that you are using a method to track mails in emails. In any case, once you have written and sent the message , all you have to do is reach the Sent tab of Gmail (located on the left) and take a look at the ticks next to the message. Everything works like WhatsApp : a single check means that the message has been delivered , while a double check indicates that the email has been opened .

track mails in emails – Net of this, if you have followed the instructions I provided above you will also receive a confirmation message by e-mail when the recipient opens the email for the first time. For the rest, if you are using, for example, Windows 11 , there should also be a confirmation at the system level (a notification appears at the bottom right). In short, from now on you will not miss anything and among other things you can check when the recipient has read the message both in the confirmation email and by hovering the mouse over the ticks in the Sent section of Gmail.


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