visual search – While the idea of it might not have been selling like hot cakes, even then, it has been around for quite some time now. The popularity of visual search can be easily understood by looking at the way several well-known search engines have integrated it into their systems. From search engines like Google or Bing to even other platforms like Amazon or Pinterest have all integratedit  opportunities into their systems.  

Now, people can easily look for escape rooms seattle, cosmetics, or even the perfect place to visit with the help of it! What’s possibly the most exciting part about it is that users worldwide can now utilize their unique photos to look for products, brands, or even places!  

So, while the craze for it appears to be still pretty minimal, brands can draw advantage from using visual search optimization in many ways. In this article, let us take a look at some of the ways that it can help brands optimize their content.  

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What is a visual search? 

visual search -  definitiveinfo

In terms of SEO, it refers to users utilizing photos instead of voice or text to look for identical items, places, or goods in a respective search engine. Search engines take the help of AI and visual recognition technology to help users search with photos and find what they are looking for.  

Presently, there are a variety of it opportunities offered not only by Google Lens but also by Bing Visual Search, Pinterest lens, and several others.  

How can businesses benefit from visual search optimization? 

visual search - definitiveinfo

While there are several ways in which brands can optimize their sites to create great visual searching opportunities, here are a few ways: 

  1. Understand how your users use it 

visual search - definitiveinfo

Before moving on to anything else, you need to figure out how your target audience tends to use visual searching opportunities. For this, you need to think from the perspective of your prospective customers and consider how exactly you are likely to use visual search.  

Based on your findings, you can then categorize them into specific generic lists. After that, you can dig deeper into each specific category to narrow down your lists even more. In this way, you can find out the potential kinds of pictures that your users are most likely to use for their visual searches. You can even find out relevant and useful keywords that you can use in this process.  

  1. Using multiple images for a single product 

visual search - definitiveinfo

Using more than one image for a single product will not only enhance your user experience but will also improve your visual search opportunities. Google tends to prioritize websites that use multiple images for its search results rankings. Using multiple images for a single product also gives you the space to use varied kinds of keywords too! Therefore, there is much that you gain by using multiple images instead of just one. 

While you choose images for your website, it is better to select images that have a white background. Surveys have shown that users tend to find images clicked in a realistic backdrop more appealing rather than those that have an imaginary plane. The former tends to give your viewers the feel of your product or services even before they purchase it. Therefore, brands can only gain more traffic via visual search optimization when they start to use contextual images.  

  1. Using high-quality photos 

visual search - definitiveinfo

Nothing drives away traffic from your website more than poor-quality images of your products or services. Google or any other search engine that uses it can only process images that have a high resolution. Hence, for businesses to draw benefit from visual search optimization, they need to incorporate high-quality images into their site. 

Blurry or poor-quality images on your site serve you no purpose, for they can never help your viewers make a choice. It would rather seek to pull down the tone of professionalism of your brand and create a bad impression on your viewers.  

Using high-quality images of your products or services will help your customers to have a good idea of what they are buying. They can check out every little detail of the product and feel more satisfied with their purchase.  

  1. Optimizing image titles and descriptions 

visual search - definitiveinfo

Given that you have already found your specific keywords, it is now time to start using them. The two most vital places where you need to incorporate your keyword(s) are in the image title and the description. Once you integrate your keywords judiciously in these places, your viewers would be able to find out your products or services much faster.  

Now when it comes to creating your image title, make sure it is descriptive, instead of going for typical ones like “img0402.jpeg”. It is only descriptive image titles that can help Google understand your image better and even link it with prospective searches. When you start using your keywords in your image title as well as in the image description, your audience can easily find out your products. Further, your images would even start appearing in the right search results.  

In these few ways, your brand can now draw benefit from using it optimization opportunities. However, do not remain restricted to the few ways that we listed above, and make sure to experiment with new ways and strategies to draw the most advantage from visual searches! 

Priya Jatoliya

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