CVC, Ringspun Cotton -Your designs have a strong sense of movement. Your printing methods are of the highest caliber. Is there anything further you can do to make your products stand out if you already have a beautiful, high-quality product?

Investing in the quality of the t-shirts might be a good idea. Unique t-shirt fabrics are available that may dramatically modify the quality of your goods. There are a number of them. Even your customers will keep returning for more because of the unique fabric options CVC, ringspun cotton and tri-blend provide.

Are you contemplating printing on a unique fabric combination in the future? Get to know three of our favorites, plus a few tips to get you started, in the next sections of this article.


What Is Chief Value Cotton?


CVC, or Chief Value Cotton, is the mix if you want a soft, breathable weave and the most durable fabric possible. The polyester/cotton content is 40/60.

In contrast to the typical cotton-polyester mix, CVC has a larger percentage of cotton. Regarding the typical cotton-polyester mix t-shirt, less than 40% of the fabric is made of cotton. As a result, it is known as “principal value cotton” since it is more cost-effective to import and export.

Tri-blend is the most comparable fabric on our list, but it has one major difference. Tri-blend is more costly since it incorporates rayon in addition to cotton and polyester. If you want to provide your consumers with a soft buttery feel but don’t want to pay for it, CVC is the answer.

CVC shirts are more durable because of their high cotton content. Most of them can resist being washed several times and putting up with a fair degree of wear and tear. Despite this, most buyers are impressed by the material’s softness and lightness.

CVC t-shirt fabric may also have a stylish heathered effect because of the two distinct fibers used in its construction. Thanks to this, your prints will have more depth, visual intrigue, and a smooth feel even before you put them on,

CVC is a great option if you’re trying to have the best of both worlds: quality and value. With a reasonable price and great quality, you’ll be able to keep your expenses down and attract new clients.

Recommendations For CVC Shirts


We offer a few suggestions for those who are dying (not literally) to spruce up your wardrobe. Among our most popular selections are Next Level and Bella+Canvas, both of which provide excellent value for the money.

CVC T-Shirt Next Level N6210 Unisex


Your vinyl and screenprinting projects will look great on the Next Level N6210. Attractive crew neckline with ribbed collar design; comfortable and stylish. A wonderful shirt to try if you want breathability without losing a professional appearance.

What Is Ringspun Cotton, and How Is It Different from Conventional Cotton?


If you’re searching for a mid-range option between CVC and tri-blend in terms of quality and hand, consider ring-spun cotton. Even so, it’s a bargain at its current price. Cotton that has been ring-spun has better quality than conventional cotton.

Thinning cotton strands and twisting them into a fine thread are the first steps in making ringspun textiles. It produces thick yet supple fibers. The longer strands produced by this innovative spinning method are free of flaws. Because of its lighter weight and softness, it’s an excellent alternative to classic cotton.

Additionally, ringspun cotton is often “combed” throughout the manufacturing process. Because of this, the cotton is brushed to remove any imperfections, leaving only the smoothest material. Softening with each wash is common with ringspun shirts. It is possible to wash them several times because of their high resistance to wear and tear.

Ringspun cotton is a time-consuming method compared to standard cotton processing. Equipment is also necessary. As a result, these t-shirts are more expensive than those made of regular cotton.

In most cases, the greater cost is worth it since the increased quality of any garment gives it a luxury lift worth the price. You can see and feel the obvious difference between ringspun cotton and regular cotton when you compare them.

What Is Tri-Blend, and What Makes It Different?


Tri-blend t-shirts have previously been lauded for their buttery softness and high quality, but there’s always more to say about this cutting-edge combination of fabrics. In addition to CVC’s greatest features, the tri-blend fabric offers an appealing and flattering fit and shape.

Its true secret is the three components that make up this blend’s name. Ringspun cotton, polyester, and rayon make up 25 percent of the fabric.

These shirts have all of the advantages of ringspun cotton, plus a little more. Because of the high percentage of polyester, they’re remarkably soft and light while still durable. The rayon fabric provides an extra layer of luxury to complete the look.

Various high-end fabrics may be imitated using rayon, a thin synthetic fibre from plant components. When combined with different fibres, the thin structure stands up well. Depending on the composition, the cloth may either feel like wool or silk.

As a result, the tri-blend has an almost fuzzy texture and form-fitting elasticity that is unlike any other fabric. The main drawback of rayon is that it is less durable than CVC, which can withstand many more washes. Despite this, the shirt will retain its shape even after being cleaned, thanks to the garment’s delicate fibers.

When it comes to style, tri-blend lends a retro vibe and adds depth to various modern prints and patterns. Many customers say their tri-blend shirts have become their favorites and are worth the additional price point since they look and feel terrific.

Branded T-Shirts with a Personal Touch


Your pricing point, printing technique, and intended aesthetic will influence the kind of mix you pick. Customers will notice a difference in quality between your typical cotton mix t-shirt and those made with CVC, ringspun cotton, or tri-blend. Trying one of these mixes may raise your offers and make your product unique, enhancing your brand’s overall reputation.

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