India is one country with diverse culture. There are many festivals and occasions that are celebrated throughout the year and Indian wedding season is a festival in itself. Indian weddings are elaborate where people like to dress their best. With designer wear kicking in at affordable rates, people are more thrilled to pick designer clothes, be it for the weddings or any special occasion. However, there are some things that never go out of fashion and that are Indian Sarees. Here you can read about Cotton Silk Sarees are Perfect for Indian Occasions

Indian sari is one perfect dress that is fit to wear on every occasion. Indian women love to wear saris of all types like georgette, chiffon, cotton, crepe, net, satin and many more fabrics. Women look graceful and elegant in saris and that is the reason, it’s a must have in their wardrobe. The most loved collection by Indian women is the Cotton Silk Sarees or benarasi saris. The work on these saris is so intricate and delicate, that they are a perfect wear for weddings. They are treasured and praiseworthy possessions of any Indian women. Today, women don’t buy rich cotton silk saris India only, but they are equally acclaimed abroad as well. In fact, our fashion industry is also paying attention to bridal saris because they are timeless and expensive.

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Diwali is coming so Cotton Silk Sarees are Perfect for Indian Occasions

Various Kinds of Silk Sarees

The demand of Cotton Silk Sarees is not only in India, but all across the world. Hence, the manufacturing companies are teaming with Indian sari weavers to create variety of styles, colours and designs to meet the increasing demand from many parts of the world. There are many variations that are offered only silk Sarees:-

Benarasi Silk – Benarasi silk is considered to be the most expensive silk sarees that are produced in India. The Sarees are weaved with gold and silver threads on a heavy gauge silk. Inspired from Persian origin, the design pattern on Benarasi silk sarees are animals, flowers and other significant figures showcasing Indian culture.

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Kanchipuram Silk – Considered as the most traditional of the lot, kanchipuram sarees are a prized possession for many women. It lasts lifetime and also expensive like Benarasi silk. The main features of this sari are that it is made of zari and multi-coloured threads. To give a contemporary edge, Kanchipuram saris are mixed with modern designs.

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Vafta Silk – Vafta silk is one of its kind silk. It is a rich blend of cotton and silk, counted amongst elegant and popular sari outfit. A woman can feel comfortable and cool due to cotton with just right blaze. The block printing given the right amount of light colours to give warmth.

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Orissa Silk – If someone is fond of handmade work then Orissa Silk is the best option for them. These saris are designed with great effort by the weavers, dyed manually and usually take four to five weeks to manufacture one piece. Hence, the exclusivity can be seen per piece.

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Cotton Silk Sarees are Perfect for Indian Occasions buy Online

Silk Sarees has been a part of Indian tradition for many centuries. Whether is a small dinner party or occasions as elaborate as wedding, silk sarees has always a part of Indian women attire. Indian women and saris go hand in hand, practically inseparable from each other. Unfortunately, buying Cotton Silk Sarees is not that easy, especially if you are planning to buy it over the internet. There are few considerations that need to be made, before you make the purchase. These tips below can help you make a wise decision:-

1. Buy a silk sari that compliments your body. The fabric you choose should be suit the shape and size. For example, chiffon sarees are suitable for women with heavy body, whereas cotton saris or crepe saris are best for thinner women because it gives a thicker look.

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2. The online store you choose should have all varieties of saris for all kinds of locations so that you can make a choice easily.

3. Take recommendations from friends and family to find the right store to purchase silk saree online. Since the store is already tried and tested, you don’t have to waste extra time in checking their credibility.

4. Read previous customers testimonials and reviews to know their quality of service and material. It would give you a good idea about whether or not you should purchase from these stores.

5. They should have easy return policy. In case of any damages in the fabric or any kind of fault, you are easy to return.

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These tips can surely help you in making your decision easier. Remember, researching well before making your purchase gives you your peace of mind and find Cotton Silk Sarees.

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