Add Instagram UGC feed On Shopify  – Social media platforms have become integral to a business’s success more than ever. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there and is most attended by people. This being said, people associate Instagram UGC feed with authenticity and reliability. 

Add Instagram UGC feed On Shopify- Now, adding these to the business stores such as Shopify will turn a corner for brands given how much people connect with them. 

Now, through this blog, let’s look at how we can add Instagram feed on Shopify. But before that let’s understand what an Instagram feed is.

Add Instagram UGC feed On Shopify - Definitiveinfo

Add Instagram UGC feed On Shopify- What is a Shoppable Instagram Feed? 

A shoppable Instagram feed is an Instagram page that is connected to a store’s e-commerce platform or website

This allows customers to view the store’s Instagram posts, click on products they are interested in, and be directed straight to the product page on the store’s website. This makes it easy for customers to shop directly from the store’s Instagram page.

How To Add Instagram UGC feed On Shopify?

1. Install a Shopify app 

The first step to adding an Instagram feed to your Shopify store is to install a Shopify and Add Instagram UGC feed On Shopify. There are several apps available that allow you to display an Instagram feed on your store, such as Taggshop, Instafeed, Instashop, and Social Media Feed.

2. Configure the app 

Once you have installed the app, you will need to configure it. This includes selecting which Instagram account you would like to display, setting up the display options, and more

3. Add the code to your store 

Once you have configured the app, you will need to add the code to your store. This is done by copying the code provided by the app and pasting it into your store’s code editor

4. Preview and publish 

Once you have added the code to your store, you can preview the feed to make sure it looks the way you want it to. If everything looks good, you can then publish the feed and it will be displayed on your store.

Why You Should Add Instagram UGC feed On Shopify?

  • Helps Gather User-Generated Content

Nowadays, people unknowingly create content for brands or businesses by writing reviews, sharing product images, or tagging brands in Instagram posts. They promote the brand by using these images and reviews.

People frequently use Instagram to share user-generated content, and brands will find a plethora of Instagram posts featuring their brand or product. 

These posts are used by business owners on their Add Instagram UGC feed On Shopify website, specifically on e-commerce websites that will have an impact on other users.

Instagram is a popular platform for brands and businesses to use user-generated content in their marketing channels such as websites or advertisements.

  • Boosts Instagram Growth

Adding an Instagram feed to your Add Instagram UGC feed On Shopify website will undoubtedly increase revenue for your brand. However, there’s more to it. 

This is social media’s power, and cross-promotion is real. When you add your brand’s Instagram feed to the webpage, you are also driving traffic to your Instagram page and gaining followers on social media.

  • Enhances Customer Engagement

Visual content is the one that people relate to the most. Particularly in the case of online shopping, customers look to other people’s actual experiences to inform their decision. 

Engaging customers can be increased by incorporating their Instagram photos into the online shopping process.

When Instagram content is made available for purchase, it may draw customers’ attention, foster their imagination for the products, and motivate them to learn more about the company.

  • Provides Authentic & Relevant Content

Consumers no longer demand perfect or enormous professionals. They seek out authentic, relatable content. 

Statistics show that 59% of consumers believe user-generated content (UGC) to be the most authentic content format, and 88% of consumers say authenticity is important when choosing which brands to support.

Instagram users create visually appealing, influential, and timely content. By including this in your Shopify storefront, you can increase brand recognition and gain the trust of potential customers.

  • Showcase Content Created By Users

Statistics show that more than 90% of consumers consult reviews and first-hand accounts from a brand before making a purchase.

Additionally, posts that are expertly snapped and edited lack the authenticity and relatability of images posted by the brand’s current customers.

Displaying these posts enables prospective buyers to make smarter choices that increase product satisfaction.

  • Harness More About User Behaviour

Due to the way social media makes its viewers feel compelled to make a purchase, social sales have increased over the past few years. Brands are given the ability to include social proof, trust, and a simple purchasing process. 

People tend to be somewhat impulsive when shopping online; by offering a seamless experience, you can further entice them to your website and encourage repeat visits. With shoppable galleries, they can put their inspiration into practice.

  • Increase Your Customer Conversions

The ultimate goal for eCommerce websites is to have a constantly increasing conversion rate. The Shoppable Instagram Feeds include shoppable tags, which make it easier for users to shop. 

It provides your website visitors with the ideal social shopping experience by allowing them to explore your Instagram feed alongside your products, interact with them, and buy them.

The shoppable Instagram feed allows your website visitors to bypass the time-consuming eCommerce steps that frequently result in a higher cart abandonment rate, resulting in a drop in sales for the brands. 

Add Instagram UGC feed On Shopify- The shoppable tags direct users to the payment page, allowing your prospective customers to make faster purchasing decisions.

Wrapping Up!

Add Instagram UGC feed On Shopify- Embedding Instagram feeds on websites is popular and customer-focused. They have the potential to increase sales and revenue for eCommerce businesses. Because it directly appeals to the buyer’s shopping instinct.

We learned what Shoppable galleries are and why brand owners should feature shoppable galleries on their websites in this blog. Start reaping the benefits now.

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