Hair Stops Growing – Hair is an asset in everyone’s life. It can frame a face and add immeasurably to the aesthetics of a person. It is an asset that we do not want to lose. But unfortunately, over time, there can be different issues that can cause our hair to gradually disappear or stop growing. It can be one of the most traumatic experiences in our lives when we face hair stops growing Most times we fail to understand the nature and reasons for our hair loss issues. This further adds to our anxiety as we cannot do anything about the problem as we fail to identify the problem. Many hair specialists in Mumbai provide well-structured information to people regarding Hair Stops Growing and its associated solutions.

Hair Stops Growing - Definitiveinfo

There can be innumerable reasons due to why one may lose hair. Or the hair might stop growing. This article will discuss how hair stops growing in 5 different ways.

  1. Genes: Genes dominate our body and its characteristics and we cannot compete with their control over our body. Genes dictate what we can have and what we cannot. Hence, it is similar to our hair too. Genes will affect our hair and its pattern of growth. You could try your best for your hair and have multiple things done to your hair. Even after all of your efforts if your hair does not grow or stops growing,your genes may be the reason . You can also look at your family’s hair characteristics and observe the hair growth pattern and the density and rate of growth. This can also help determine what kind of growth you will also go through with regard to your hair just like a hair specialist in Mumbai would determine.

Hair Stops Growing - Definitiveinfo

Therefore, one of the main reasons why your hair can stop growing is due to the genes that run in your family. What we can do though is maintain our hair properly. Even with our genes where we might have slow hair stops growing or less density in the hair, we can always maintain what we have and keep our hair healthy and style it accordingly.

  1. Thyroid issues: It is a problem when your thyroid gland starts malfunctioning. Your thyroid gland could start producing more hormones than required. The thyroid gland can also start producing fewer hormones than required. When you experience this, it can cause a lot of problems in your body and in your health. One of the main issues that the malfunctioning of your thyroid gland can cause is hair stops growing or the slowing down of hair stops growing. When this problem of hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroidism is experienced in a prolonged manner, it can cause severe hair loss or a severe delay in hair growth. Therefore, one can get their doctor’s evaluation done if they feel that they are experiencing malfunctions with their thyroid gland. Hair specialists in Mumbai find thyroid very troubling for hair’s health.
  2. Stress and its side effects: Stress is a major factor that changes life, body, and mental health. In the absence of stress, one may not achieve life goals or go ahead and live a successful life. It is okay to have stress in our lives. But what we do not keep in mind is that Stress also causes a lot of problems in our health and life. It can cause a disruption in our mental health which can translate to our physical decline in health. When we are under stress, we are not able to manage or cope with the stressful situation. We need to be careful as it may cause hair stops growing. In fact, stress can cause severe hair stops growing. Stress can also cause a delay in the growth of hair. It is one of the major contributors to health problems in multitudes of people around the world. What can be done in order to prevent hair loss or slow growth of hair due to stress is to have to manage stress properly. It may not be possible to have a stress-free life for anyone. But it is always possible to manage stress properly and to find solutions rather than to be in unnecessary tension and anxiety. A healthier life is always an option.
  3. Age and aging: Time consumes all and takes with it most of our possessions. One of the things that happen with age is that we become older and our body starts changing and evolving. With age, we start seeing our body change in a manner that we have not expected. Our hair and our scalp go through the ageing process too. With age, our hair starts to weaken,turn grey in colour, and start becoming scanty. The density reduces and the hair becomes thinner in calibre. Resulting,slower hair stops growing. Even food habits and mental as well as physical health matter a lot at an advanced age in a human being. Maintaining a good health, having a good and protein-rich diet, having sufficient vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in the body as well as not using chemicals on the hair can help maintain a healthy head of hair.

5. Lack of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the body can lead to slow growth of hair: If the body does not have enough minerals, vitamins, and nutrients then there are bound to be multiple problems in the body. It can bring about diseases and sicknesses that can affect your health and your hair. Without proper building blocks for your hair, you will experience a very delayed growth of hair. Hair is made up of proteins and a lack of protein will definitely cause delayed growth in hair. Similarly, other deficiencies in vitamins can also cause the same. It is necessary to have a good diet and consume all the necessary vitamins.

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